Popis DC (Mexico)

Let me introduce you our marvellous exhibitor..
"Popis Dc is a Mexican brand that was born in Cd. Guzmán Jal. in April 2013, of deep-rooted traditions where the sacraments are a fundamental part of our cultural environment. Out of a genuine need to get out of the ordinary, the first design of Robes and accessories for handmade christening was created, personalized and was simply captivating. With this we realized the need in the market for personalized, handcrafted products, and this led us to expand to communions and ceremonies in general.

With 8 years in the market, Popis Diseño y Confección already has countless designs that throughout this time have positioned us in the market as an innovative company that goes beyond the standard of ceremony stores, advising parents and godparents who want to make their event a different and unforgettable memory, with details out of the ordinary.

This is how Popis Diseño & Confección arises from the need to provide our clients with exclusive alternatives, going a little out of our comfort zone and offering an option, where the human factor is the most important in our elegant handcrafted designs.
We are a 100% Mexican company whose main objective is to create a different option to satisfy the needs of our clients, using creativity and craftsmanship to create innovative products that make us exceed the expectations of our clients, crossing the ordinary barrier.

My interest began when I became a mom and experienced visiting ceremony shops and having to settle for what was in stock on the sideboard. That was when I designed the dress that my daughter would wear on that special day of her first holy communion, as well as create her accessories and personalize them with her name and the other mothers and godmothers simply loved the idea.
I found that usually the needs of our clients are elegance, comfort, freshness that makes them feel that they are different and stand out from the crowd. When the clients receive their finished dresses , we try to explain what they are taking to be able to convey a little experience about the dress they will wear on their special event, we explain the importance of the artisan work of the reason why those materials were used so that they not only appreciate the design but the hands that created it. Knowing their needs and what they have dreamed of, we are able to form these ideas with the characteristics that they seek according to trends.

With excellent customer service we can get to know the needs of our customers closely and we find  the best matching style and materials for the dress and accessories, cresting balanced harmony in the final look.

Fighting for what you want is brave because it's not enough to just wish, you have to go out and find a way to achieve it, because the barriers are only in your head. And it may be that you find a thousand obstacles, but if you have already set your goal in mind, do not stop until you achieve it, because only then you can reach your true potential."
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