Kekai Kids (Spain)

KeKai was born in 2017 and is a product of the need to find swimwear for our boys and girls with whom they not only dress but also have fun.

From this premise, we launched to design swimsuits for girls and boys that show them what they are like, people without labels that can be anything they want to be, but above all that allow them to be themselves.

We want the designs that our little ones wear to convey what they are like, what they like, why they have chosen them and that they show pride if they want to be heroines, astronauts, soccer players, musicians, punks, magicians, princesses or anything that makes them happy.

We manufacture all our garments in Spain, near the sea that is the center of our way of being, KeKai means "the sea" in Hawaiian, and it is in the water where everything begins and ends.

Love to see you with a Kekai!

KeKai Team.