Iló Liló

Let me introduce you our marvellous exhibitor..

All our products are 100% Spanish: from the design, the fabrics, the pattern making and the cut, to the tailoring. All the items are designed with a lot of love, they are their own and unique models. The fabrics are selected with the greatest delicacy, always thinking about the children who will wear them, their comfort, well-being and that of their skin. Some of our fabrics are exclusive and typical of ilo lilo, designed and printed exclusively by and for us. The materials are natural fabrics, in which cotton and linen predominate. Flower in Flower Collection. All the sub-collections are named after flowers, which we have been inspired by. It is a very colorful and cheerful Collection.

Follow them on social media, and JOIN US on the 5-6th of JUNE 2021 at Le Petit Ma Bimbo Show to meet them among our exhibitors!