Bianca Miele London (United Kingdom)

Let me introduce you our marvellous exhibitor..

Bianca Miele London is well known for its beautiful designs for special occasions such as Christening, Weddings and Holy Communions for children from 3 months to 15 years old. The dresses and outfits are all uniquely designed in London and hand-manufacture in a fair and ethical way in Seville, Spain.

Our timeless creations have been made to start a new story with very special little people on a big day of their lives. At Bianca Miele we enjoy seeing our children dreaming and being dressed for those special moments that will be treasured as unforgettable memories, our clothing is just the tangible expression of those dreams and memories.

Apart of our dresses and outfits, we also have a large collection of shoes and accessories such as rosaries, flower crowns, brooches, bags and more, all handcrafted with love.

Featuring beautiful materials like organza, Egyptian linen, silk, tulle and lace, all our dresses are handmade and unique! Apart of the beauty side, we also like to think practical, so we created a revolutionary dress to be used beyond the Communion day (classic one-piece Communion dress) - the versatile Contemporary style that features one bodice with two detachable skirts; one long, with the statement look of a formal Communion dress and one short skirt for a more casual dress that can be used at any other occasion in the child’s life.

Bianca Miele might be best known for dresses for special occasions, but the brand also produces a beautiful day wear collection that brings classic elegance and exquisite styling for everyday; Banksiae is timeless and smart, rich in Spanish and British heritage, but also with a touch of sea and sun from the Caribbean.

We make stories from dresses...come and find yours!

At Bianca Miele we believe that social and environmental injustices are a reason to do business completely differently. We ensure fair working wages and a sustainable production that benefits people and the planet, we focus in production that’s ethical and as close to zero waste as possible.        

In 2015 we began a project to embrace women in Spain and South America by giving them the opportunity to be independent Bianca Miele manufacturers and run their own ateliers. Those ateliers are the core of our brand, where dreams come true and a new generation of tailoress is trained to be part of our amazing team. Our collections have something for every ethical girl who values beauty and quality.

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