Baja Costura (Spain)

Let me introduce you our marvellous exhibitor..

Baja Costura is a Sevillian company consolidated in the world of children's fashion both nationally and internationally. Founded more than 20 years ago by Africa Pérez, Concepción Domínguez in Villaverde del Rio (Sevilla) and subsequently joined the firm Ana Guardia in 2015. Since its inception they set a standard in the way children are dressed, which many companies in the sector are following today.

They are the symbol of the so-called Seville fashion, in fact, she was the creator and driver of it, being present in the establishments of each city and being a reference brand at all levels.

Annually they present two collections Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, in both stand out their designs and fabrics, being the basis of their collections dresses, jesusitos, pageboy sets, girl's sets, and an extensive line of basket for newborns composed of batons, skirts and pellets all composing families for little siblings to match.

Also, and as complements to its collections Baja Costura Offers its customers a handmade line of point to match their collections.

In Baja Costura we offer a craftsmanship with top quality fabrics and manufacture made exclusively in Spain.

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