Antoinette Paris (France)

Let me introduce you our marvellous exhibitor..
Antoinette Paris is an elegant & romantic brand of girls’ smocked dresses designed in Paris with refined couture details. We love to revisit such a traditional garment and to pay rigorous attention to the smallest detail when creating Antoinette dresses. Handmade smock and embroidery, delicate finishing and noble fabric make each of our pieces truly unique! Our belief is that all little girls deserve to wear timeless and bright dresses to enchant their childhood!

Our ''Royal Paris'' Collection features the quintessential beauty of French Elegance. For FW21 collection we decided to add more luxury and softness to our fabrics selection. Winter is a season of celebrations and occasions and our little girls have a strong desire to feel unique and beautiful! Flannel, Silk, Corduroy and Satin cotton have been enhanced with sophisticated handmade smocks and embroideries such as: stars, holy flowers, hearts, golden hems and new collar cuts!

We are also offering pure white ceremony dresses: christening, first communion and flower girls dresses. 
I, Aurelia, established Antoinette Paris in 2017 in the USA while I was living in Atlanta with my husband. It was the second time I was living abroad and I had the project to bring the traditional French clothes heritage in the USA. Now I am soon the mother of a second baby.
Heritage is at the heart of Antoinette, with my designs developing from my French roots and the traditional clothing, especially smocked dresses, I grew up in. 

Known for sophisticated embroideries and hand smocking, and decorative details, every Antoinette collection manifests elaborate yet elegant design. Today Paris is our home and we are working with a designer from les Art Deco Paris and an employee.

My interest about children’s clothing started as a child. I remembered how I loved to wear dresses and specially to dress up like a princessI really wanted to bring the traditional French clothes heritage to all the little girls of the world. I feel inspired by smocked dresses because they are timeless pieces which respect the innocence of childhood, they make children feel like children. Such heirlooms awake the princess lying in every little girl. In addition, smocked dresses design offers infinite possibilities including floral subtle embroideries, best quality cotton, sophisticated shades prints and cuts. 

My inspiration is coming from the elegant French style. So, our design is showing our love of French elegance and traditions and we are working continuously to keep them alive. Queen Marie-Antoinette and European monarchy is another key inspiration.

We wish to deliver a message of romance, charm, elegance to protect innocence of childhood and let this short time last as long as possible.

Our dresses are designed in Paris with the utmost European cotton and silk fabrics. We keep our collection in limited edition and we offer between 5 and 8 French romantic cuts.

We are offering a large variety of styles materials and colors including floral, geometrical, and wildlife sophisticated embroidery! Handmade smock and embroidery make each of our piece truly unique and like a piece of Art to be passed down from generation to generation.

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