Rosa Banksiae (Spain)

Let me introduce you our marvellous exhibitor..
The brand Rosa Banksiae was born in Spain in 2018, a children's fashion brand whose primary goal is: create excellent quality, hand in hand with good service at unbeatable prices.

They are inspired by nature both in the design and in the textiles they use, each of the collections involves natural fibers to provide perfect comfort for the children wearing it.

The creator Rosa Sanchez, who was born in Paraguay, has more than 20 years of experience in the sector and is an expert in pattern making and haute couture, she is present throughout the production process, from the design of the sketches to the marketing of the finished product.

Their future goal is to position themselves as a benchmark in children's fashion throughout Spain and to become known internationally.
Their collections range involves ceremony, communion, christening, casual line and swimsuits as well.

Collections to be exhibited:
Rosal Collection (Communion, Spring-Summer 2021) Inspired by the freshness and simplicity of childhood incorporating elements of vintage appearance, pieces made in embroidered tulle, linen, organza, satin, some garments include handmade embroidery with rhinestones and sequins and their linings are made of 100% cotton canvas.

Princess Collection (Ceremony, Spring-Summer 2021) Like the rosal collection, it is inspired by freshness and simplicity, pieces made in tulle, yoryet, chiffon, plumeti, viscose and linen that will make the ceremony a truly remarkable event.
Casual Collection (Casual, Spring-Summer 2021) It is inspired by children's daily life, but with a lot of style. The pieces that make up this collection are made 95% of natural fiber textiles such as: bamboo, batiste, rustic linen, knitwear, gauze, cotton and cold silk giving an unmatched comfort to the child this way.

Swimsuits and Bathrobes (Beachwear, Spring-Summer 2021) This collection is inspired by summer happiness, each piece is made in lycra with tropical designs, accompanied by terry cloth bathrobes which makes them super absorbent, creating a sensational outfit that will catch everyone's attention.
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