Osokoa BCN (Spain)


Let me introduce you our marvellous exhibitor..

Osokoa is a Barcelona based brand that was born in May 2020. They manufacture with certified organic cotton, sustainably creating timeless and unisex clothing inspired by emotions.

"Emotions and hopes go hand in hand. We make dreams in cotton, design smiles from the heart and bring together concepts in a way of dressing. Comfortable, quality, original, respectable, environmentally-friendly and with a message!

A handful of attitude with a pinch of emotion, great combination! Life is full of changes, and we choose to be able to help, contribute, respect and love, in order to be true to ourselves.

After days without rest, fighting, writing, designing, listening, we are happy to take this project forward, collaborating with partners, taking maximum care of the origin and handling of the materials which we work with, from the place of origin of the cotton of our garments (100% organic) and how it is collected from, where the cardboard of our packaging comes from, going through a multitude of details: ribbons, buttons, prints, labels, dyes. We try with all our heart to give the best of ourselves and for that reason we have the invaluable help of smiles, joy and enthusiasm!

We pamper our manufacturing and processing collaborators, magnificent professionals and best people, all of them practically located in an area with a wide textile tradition, very close to our headquarters in Barcelona. Where the sun and the sea meets with that unmistakable Mediterranean sympathy you will find in any corner, that solidarity and commitment, that inclusion and empathy, that is the way we make our clothes beautiful with a sustainability and quality.

At OSOKOA we manufacture all our clothes with 100% organic cotton fabrics with GOTS certificate, sustainable and made without chemical agents, closing a circle at the end of the useful life of the fabric, where the raw materials used return to the earth to feed it. We dye our clothes with the least amount of water and energy possible. We believe that it is not necessary to continue overexploiting the planet's natural resources. Almost all the materials used by OSOKOA are recycled materials that can be reused. We try to help create a better and fairer world, creating a favorable environment that is responsible with nature and the society that surrounds us.

We dress boys and girls from 1 to 100 years old, we dress them with values of sustainability, empathy, emotion and love through fun, unique, unisex, inclusive and different clothing pieces! Our collections "Self Esteem" and "Hope" were inspired by vitality, good energies and changes in the world, with big plans and positivity for the future.

Our brand is based on emotions. We are not just any brand, we are a new way of dressing the world, we are OSOKOA! Heartmade in BCN, Emotion brand!
Follow them on social media, and JOIN US on the 5-6th of JUNE 2021 at Le Petit Ma Bimbo Show to meet them among our exhibitors!