Let me introduce you our marvellous exhibitor..
Niseret ( Teresín) is the search for a better life, is to leave the easy way to go through the challenging.

Our story begins in a family with a long tradition of seamstress. Its founders, Teresa Martínez and Cayetano Amorós, are the third generation of this family in which, from a mother named Teresa, to her daughter and granddaughter, also named Teresa, they have dedicated themselves to the design and artisan manufacture of clothing.

This is how this Spanish fashion brand specialised in Christening emerged. Born and raised in the bosom of a long generation of dressmakers and seamstresses, one day she stated crating her own unique handmade Christening pieces in
search of a new job.
In 1984, in commemoration of those Teresas who contributed to this project, NISERET was born (a diminutive written backwards from the name of its founder and of that generation that made this project possible). Specialized in the world of children's fashion, we started in a small artisan workshop with a line of christening garments. Later, we expanded our proposals to children's fashion, flower dresses and companions.
This value to the garments, love for the profession and craftsmanship continue to be reflected in each of the collections that we make.
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