Meriche Alta Costura (Spain)

Let me introduce you our marvellous exhibitor..

In February 2016, Vanessa Prietodesigner and manager of the brand Meriche Alta Costura decided to take the leap and create her own children's fashion line in Seville, Spain. Inspired by her middle daughter, her muse, and with a great creative talent that has characterized her since she was a child, she managed to take her step by opening her online store nationwide.

The growth in these 5 years has been directly proportional to the motivation, the daily effort and the desire to create that moves the designer's day-to-day life. For today, the brand has managed to reach 5 continents through multi-brand boutiques that, season after season, request Meriche designs.

Children grow and for this reason, the loyal clients of Meriche Alta Costura also grow, hence the need to create a more casual parallel line, more ready-to-wear, for girls over 10 years old who are already looking for their own style. This lead to the birth of Meriche Casual that with its 4 seasons of existence is positioned in one of the top positions in teen fashion. Constancy, effort, work, creativity, enthusiasm, ... which result in a consolidated brand that grows every season.

At Le Petit Ma Bimbo Show You can find them exhibiting their Casual Line and High Sewing Line Collections

"Casual style outfits made from size 5 to 16 years. We design garments that range from the classic and irreplaceable denim to the most delicate tulle. Garments created for day to day thanks to its comfort but always without losing the glamour that characterizes each Meriche design. Sets, blouses, sweaters, coats, jackets…. All kinds of garments that make up our wardrobe every season.

Our Haute Couture line is characterized by “high-flying” dresses. All of our designs have a unique and exclusive pattern. They are garments with an unbeatable flight thanks to their three layers of fabric on the skirt. The materials used are all of the firm's own and designed exclusively for it. The sizes worked range from size 1 year to 12 years."
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