Amabela le petit accessoire

Let me introduce you our marvellous exhibitor..

"Amabela le petit accessoire is our latest project, that was born about ten years ago as a creative workshop for custom headdresses, but then we began to design and manufacture accessories for women's and children's fashion brands.

2020 has arrived, the hardest year. The world stopped and gave us the necessary time to create Amabela, a project that we had been wanting to launch for months but due to lack of time it was always postponed.

That is why, after all, Amabela has lots of hard work, thinking and planning behind, resulting in simple yet beautiful things and clean designs.

Amabela is completely handmade, it is authentic, we make each piece in the collection by hand and that is also what makes it special.

Amabela is like the southern light, and counrtyside. Our style is Andalusian and inspired by the countrysimple but very flattering.

In this collection we have used fresh and natural fabrics such as tulle, plumeti, embroidered strip, linen and lace."
Follow them on social media, and JOIN US on the 5-6th of JUNE 2021 at Le Petit Ma Bimbo Show to meet them among our exhibitors!